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From Automation to 360o Transformation: As enterprises undergo digital evolution, an important aspect emerges is that “enterprise processes matter the most”! While Pega 7 laid and strengthened the platform for Digital Process Automation (DPA), which was a big shift from prevalent Business Process Management; PEGA 8 emphasizes rigorous collaboration and value enhancement for customers.

Faster and higher – Enhancing customer value with streamlined organizational processes

Pega 8 creates the unison of Professional Developers, Data analysts, and data scientists, IT experts with only one Studio. This facilitates communication with all the Pega platforms and applications which fosters Data integrations, with zero scripting. Therefore, the organizations can seamlessly design the automation processes without worrying about the integration with critical mainframes apps. Additionally, the bots have become smarter and stronger as they get faster enlargements with best-automated testing capabilities and DevOps.

Low Code

  • Authoring system based roles – Studios
  • App Studio
  • Dev Studio
  • Admin Studio
  • Prediction Studio

Simple Integration

  • Integration Designer as a single hub for all the business objects, data types and external systems in an application
  • Drag and drop to simply design and modify Data Objects

Faster Processing

  • Job Scheduler Queue Processor for improved background processing.
  • Job Scheduler used for recurring or scheduled tasks
  • Queue Processor for tasks with no recurrence-based pattern providing scalability and capability for immediate or delayed message processing


  • Automated testing with model-based Scenario testing
  • Easy design for point-to-point UI scenario tests
  • Dashboards to report the test coverage and app quality over time.

Open APIs

  • Facilitates usage of preferred front-end UI frameworks like Angular or React
  • Digital experience API (REST) for Pegasystems Design Capabilities to update front-end UI framework of choice.

Dynamic Designs

  • Latest UX design system to design dynamic layouts.
  • Pre-built components and UI templates for mobile and web development.

Simple Collaboration

  • Various domains like marketing, sales, IT can communicate more closely with best social Interface.
  • Facilitates collaboration between teams via chat, sharing etc.


  • Only single user access authentication with public and private key pair.
  • Simultaneously, when users are on board, it uses a user supplied public key to make authentication.

Why Aaseya:

At Aaseya, we follow the principle of improving operational productivity, eliminating internal silos and streamlining processes by leveraging our strong ability and significant depth of experience in architecting and building BPM and rules-based solutions. Our teams leverage the disruptive features of Pega platform to help the enterprises adopt futuristic business models to create innovation opportunities; thereby delivering spellbinding customer experience, and transforming the businesses overall. Our Pega certified professionals with deep-expertise in Pega capabilities are driving solutions for our clients worldwide.

Our highly-regarded PEGA credentials are supported by a thought leadership driven eco-system that includes experienced architects, business analysts, developers, testers, and process architects. We have been at the forefront of delivering superior digital process services for fostering rich customer engagement and operational excellence. Talk to our PEGA experts to stay ahead of the curve, digitally transform your business models at a larger scale than ever.

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