Aaseya-YASH and OutSystems offer an SAP customer experience facelift

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Why Aaseya and
OutSystems reps should care?

SAP has over 12 million users, 121,000 installations worldwide, more than 1,500 SAP partners, over 25 industry-specific business solutions, and more than 41,200 customers in 120 countries.

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    12 Million users

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    1500 SAP Partners

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    120 Countries

Challenges for SAP Customers


Customers/employees/vendors need an easy, modern UI that can automate processes to improve user experience, such as portals


Want multi-screen and multi-device support, so the experience is the same on any device


Don’t want to buy SAP Fiori, SAP’s Ariba, or Success Factors add-ons because they are only usable within SAP, have higher costs associated, and require specialized skills


SAP issues for service or sales – Lack of intuitiveness and user-friendliness on the front end and support issues for user-owned devices like android and apple


SAP is a good system of record but involves long and expensive implementation to make necessary changes as well as specialized skills to update


To build a warranty app in SAP is expensive because you have to buy the Warranty Management module separately


How Aaseya-OutSystems Solves the Pain

Why Aaseya – YASH?

  • Deep understanding of SAP integration and equipped to run POCs that involve SAP integration
  • Fully know SAP’s constraints, expertise in OutSystems, and understand the business needs of anufacturing, mining, and pharma/life sciences
  • Advice and help SAP customers to create customer/employee/vendor portals that give them modern user experience and an agile platform to differentiate.

Why OutSystems?

  • Design user-friendly, intuitive experiences that encourage engagement and interaction. Craft beautiful applications that perfectly suit their needs and feature pixel-perfect designs that work anywhere, on any device.
  • Rapidly discover available SAP functions (OData or BAPI), import them into the OutSystems visual development environment, and then use them in the visual integration logic of your apps.
  • Certified SAP integration OutSystems Connector for SAP to build mobile or web applications that complement SAP.
  • Implement process customization outside of SAP at a much lower cost and with less complexity.
  • Migrate to S/4HANA Virtually Risk-Free: Using OutSystems as a layer on top of existing SAP instances, you can break large migration projects into phases to complete them faster, with little risk and no impact on end-users.
  • No need to hire a specialized team. Leverage your current development team to build apps on top of SAP quickly.
  • Developers don’t have to concern themselves with database scripts, deployment plans, dependency analysis, maintenance, and all the things that distract from truly developing an app.
  • Developers can become productive in as little time as one week, because OutSystems uses familiar software development constructs that developers already know if they have used other technologies.
  • Basic programming acumen and an understanding of relational database concepts are all that are required to master OutSystems out of the box.
*Source: Google search on the number of SAP customers