Re-envisioning Digital Transformation with Aaseya

Aaseya Incident Management System (AIMS)

Is your incident management system outdated? Are you tired of resorting to manual processes when responding to incidents? Explore how AIMS paves the way for improved business agility.

Zoning Application for Banks

Do you dream of an application that can significantly decrease manual effort in data entry? Are you tired of dealing with errors arising from manually entered data? Learn how Aaseya's Zoning application built on Pega, is automating critical manual processes while optimizing time and effort.

Aaseya Migration Made Easy (AMME)

Are you challenged with data migration in your Pega projects? Would you not like to ensure efficient data migration between Pega and third-party systems? Discover how AMME can easily configure and schedule the migration process while minimizing the dependency on the development team.